Chris Potts, Copenhagen, January

We are pleased to announce that Chris Potts will return to Denmark on 24-25 January 2013 to give an exclusive seminar: Driving Business Innovation & Performance With Enterprise Architecture: How to be a Highly-Influential Enterprise Architect.

Chris Potts has just published the last book in his trilogy of business novels: “FruITion: Creating the Ultimate Corporate Strategy for Information Technology”, “RecrEAtion: Realizing the Extraordinary Contribution of Your Enterprise Architects”, and now “DefrICtion: Unleashing Your Enterprise to Create Value from Change”.

This seminar is designed for Enterprise Architects and the people they work with, to explore how best to make Enterprise Architecture a highly-valued innovative and influential business discipline. At its core, this means integrating formalised Enterprise Architecture with corporate and business strategies, business planning, and the process of creating value from investments in change.

The focus of the seminar is on how to embed Enterprise Architecture into mainstream business decision-making, rather than on the frameworks and processes that Enterprise Architects use.

Entirely based on first-hand experiences of what works, and what doesn’t, the seminar will help you to benchmark and develop your organisation’s maturity at driving business innovation and performance with Enterprise Architecture, including:

  • The ‘Double-E, Double-A®’ journey for integrating formalised Enterprise Architecture with mainstream business leadership
  • How to think and act like an enterprise investor: evaluating the architectural performance of a business and where investing in change will improve it
  • How Enterprise Architecture drives performance-enhancing business innovations
  • The Enterprise Architect as a scenario planner.
  • Understanding the politics of Enterprise Architecture, and its impact on business culture

There is a limited number of available seats. Contact us now to reserve your seat!