A number of prominent Danish and international companies have used our experience in the context of strategy and architecture, a selection of those listed below.

Public Sector Customers

  • Ministry of Finance (Den digitale Taskforce)
  • Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Ministry of Integration and Immigration Affairs
  • Ministry of Economics and Business Affairs
  • Records Management Task Force for the Public Sector (FESD enheden)
  • Ministry of Taxation
  • University of Copenhagen
  • The Capital Region of Denmark
  • National Survey and Cadastre
  • The Danish Nature & Environment Portal
  • European Commission

Private Sector Customers

  • Bravida (Technical Infrastructure)
  • Brødrene Hartmann (Fibre Packaging)
  • H Lundbeck (Pharmaceuticals)
  • TDC Services (Tele Communications)
  • Søndagsavisen (Media)
  • Gatehouse (Defence)
  • CSC (IT Service)
  • WM-data/Logica (IT Consulting)
  • Sirius IT (IT Consulting)
  • JN Data (IT Services)
  • KMD (IT Services)
  • KM Telecom (Mobile Infrastructure)
  • Microsoft (Consulting and Software)
  • Telelogic/IBM (IT Tools)
  • Telmore (Tele Communications)
  • Prosa (Trade Union)
  • OASIS (International standardization body)

Numerous companies have also participated in our courses and workshops. Among them, these::