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Enterprise Investmentroyal: Combining Enterprise Architecture and Investment Portfolio Management
Your Next-Generation Strategy for Delivering Value from Change

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23-24 January 2014


An intensive two-day workshop with
Chris Potts
Practitioner, mentor, author of The FruITion Trilogy:

How good is your organisation at delivering business results through investing in change? Do projects achieve both the structure and value your strategy needs, as efficiently as possible? Are executives as confident driving outcomes from projects as they are for operations?

Organisations need to make the very most of the changes they invest in. Changes eat up valuable time, energy and money in pursuit of goals that existing operations can’t deliver. Yet, for all the efforts that many organisations devote to improving project performance, outcomes still fall short of their ambitions. It’s still common to treat this as an ‘IT issue’, and expect it to be solved with better IT governance. Why projects truly succeed and fail, and what to do about that, remains a mystery.

An organisation’s performance at delivering goals through change is rooted in its culture and strategy for Enterprise Investment – the powerful combination of Enterprise Architecture and Investment Portfolio Management. Enterprise Investment constantly drives projects to deliver, collectively, both the structure and the value the enterprise needs, with the most efficient use of time, money, and other resources.

Enterprise Investment consists of a co-ordinated and high-impact set of capabilities, processes and techniques. It harnesses people’s ideas, innovations and investments into a high-performing, efficient, goals-driven portfolio. And, by combining the power of Enterprise Architecture and Investment Portfolio Management into one board-level strategy, Enterprise Investment demonstrates the value of these strategic disciplines in ways that – separately – they are unlikely to achieve.

This two-day workshop with Chris Potts is a hands-on exploration of Enterprise Investment strategies, based on his many years of ground-breaking work with
people around the world. If you’ve experienced Chris’s workshops or seminars before, this one delivers a next-generation approach with even more practical answers to people’s Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management challenges. If you’re new to Chris’s workshops expect some challenging perspectives and answers, delivered with the authority and pragmatism of a hands-on practitioner and mentor.

Entirely based on people’s experiences of what works, and what doesn’t, the workshop will help you to benchmark and develop your organisation’s maturity at Enterprise Investment:

  • The cultural and practical reasons why projects succeed and fail
  • How much this is, or is not, an ‘IT issue’
  • Core capabilities and the Value Chain for Enterprise Investment
  • Diagnosing an organisation’s Enterprise Investment culture
  • Building and managing a goals-driven projects portfolio
  • Driving business investment with Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Architecture in the era of consumerisation plus cloud
  • Next-generation governance for architecture and investments

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for everyone involved in the selection, design and oversight of projects – including:

  • Chief Enterprise Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Head of Programme Management Office
  • Projects Portfolio Manager
  • Corporate and Business Executives (including CIO, CTO)
  • Corporate Strategists
  • Innovation Leaders

Learning Objectives
The workshop offers an intensive, thorough and practical appreciation of how to succeed at Enterprise Investment. It includes numerous perspectives, capabilities and techniques that may be either new to delegates, or enhance their current approach.
From many people, the workshop is likely to develop significantly their knowledge of the cultural and practical reasons why their change projects succeed and fail, and what to about it. It will also illustrate the contribution both Enterprise Architecture and Investment Portfolio Management can truly make to an organisation’s success.

Workshop Outline

Day One

  • Why Projects Succeed and Fail
  • The Value Chain for Enterprise Investment
  • Diagnosing the Organization’s Investment Culture
  • Enterprise Investment Strategy
  • Discovering and Validating Your Enterprise Investment Goals
  • Building and Managing Your Goals-Driven Portfolio

Day Two

  • Enterprise Architecture Driving Business Innovation and Investment
  • Outside-In, Experiences-Oriented Architecture
  • Business Architecture in the Era of Consumerisation plus Cloud
  • Architectural Investments and Your Enterprise Investment Portfolio
  • Next-Generation Portfolio Governance
  • Action Planning, Questions, Close

cpsmallAbout Chris Potts
Chris works globally as a hands-on practitioner, and as a mentor to CIOs, their executive colleagues, Enterprise Architects and Portfolio Managers. He has over 25 years’ real-world experience in Enterprise Investment, corporate, business and IT strategies, Enterprise Architecture, investing in change, business operations, and project delivery.
Chris is an award-winning speaker, delivering workshops, seminars and conference keynotes worldwide. He also chairs CIO and Enterprise Architecture conferences. Chris gives guest lectures at the IT University of Copenhagen, New York University and City University, London. He has judged ‘CIO of the year’ awards in both the USA and the Middle East.
He is the author of The FruITion Trilogy of business novels – “FruITion: Creating the Ultimate Corporate Strategy for Information Technology”, “RecrEAtion: Realizing the Extraordinary Contribution of Your Enterprise Architects”, and ‘DefrICtion: Unleashing Your Enterprise to Create Value from Change. He also writes thought-leading articles.


Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
Hammerichsgade 1
1611 Copenhagen V

The Fee is DKK 11.995,- plus VAT.
The fee covers participation, lunch, coffee and refreshments on both days and a gourmet dinner the evening of the 23 January. If you want to stay overnight at the hotel, please contact the hotel.

You sign up for this event by sending an email to klaus@eafellows.com stating name, title and organization.
We will then send you a confirmation and an invoice of DKK 11.995, – plus VAT, payable before the event.