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Who is Scott Bernard?

Dr. Scott Bernard is the Federal Chief Enterprise Architect in the US. He works in the Office of Management and Budget within the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Dr. Bernard created the EA3 Cube framework and the EA3 approach.

What is EA3?

EA³ is a comprehensive and open approach to enterprise architecture. The EA3 Cube framework is an architecture framework and is compliant with ISO 42010. EA3 is created by Scott Bernard and John Gøtze. [The EA³ Cube Approach](https://coe.qualiware.com/resources/ea3/) is a management and technology practice that is devoted to improving the performance of enterprises by enabling them to see…
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What is the EA3 Cube?

The EA³ Cube is a comprehensive enterprise architecture framework. The framework is compliant with ISO 42010. The EA³ Cube is created and maintained by Scott Bernard and John Gøtze. 

Can EA be used by all types of enterprises? If so, why?

Yes. Enterprise Architecture is a management and technology practice that is devoted to improving the performance of enterprises by enabling them to see themselves in terms of a holistic and integrated view of their strategic direction, business practices, information flows, and technology resources. By developing current and future versions of this integrated view, an enterprise…
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What are some of the academic fields that influence the field of EA?

Developing an enterprise-wide architecture involves an evaluation and depiction of people, processes, and resources. Some of the areas of practice and theory that have influenced the EA practices include business administration, public administration, operations research, sociology, organizational theory, management theory, information science, and computer science. Understanding the mission, goals, and culture of an enterprise is…
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How is the Organization Network Model different from the Parsons/Thompson Model?

New types of organizations and enterprises are appearing which are based on cooperative networks of local and remote individual workers and semiautonomous teams who carry out key functions. In these enterprises, greater cost efficiency and more mission flexibility are achieved by removing layers of management that are not needed in a decentralized operating mode. These…
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What is the purpose of each level of the Parsons/Thompson Model of an organization?

One of the more mature models of general organizational structure is a three-level view that was originally envisioned by sociologist Talcott Parsons in the 1950’s and further developed by sociologist James Thompson in the 1960’s. Parsons’ research identified three general levels that are common to most social organizations (technical, managerial, and institutional), based on the…
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What are some of the areas of value that are generated by an EA program?

On the value side, EA is unique in its ability to promote enterprise-wide thinking about resource utilization. EA replaces the systems-level approaches to IT resource development that have characterized the last several decades, and has left many enterprises with stovepipe and/or duplicative IT resources. EA promotes the development of more efficient enterprise-wide common operating environments…
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How does EA help an enterprise view its strategic direction and goals?

The EA framework and methodology organizes EA documentation in a way that allows strategy to influence business and technology planning and decision-making. This is important especially in the documentation of future EA views. By first identifying what changes are anticipated in strategic goals and initiatives, subsequent documentation of business activities and technology resources can be…
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How does EA help an enterprise to view its business services?

As is reflected in the design of the EA framework, strategy creates business requirements and technology supports solutions for meeting those requirements. EA documents three primary issues at the business level: Supporting Strategic Goals. Touch points between strategic initiatives and business activities need to be clearly documented. Not all business activities are strategic, and it…
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