FAQ Category: Components

Why can an enterprise’s information flows and data objects be viewed as EA components?

Because information flows and data objects change and/or are replaced over time. How an enterprise uses data and information is documented at the Data and Information level of the EA3 Cube Framework. \nEA components at this level include documentation on the design, function, and management of information systems, databases, knowledge warehouses, and data marts. It…
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Why can an enterprise’s software applications and networks be viewed as EA components?

Because software applications and networks change and/or are replaced over time. The systems and applications that an enterprise uses to support its business services, product delivery processes, and information flows are documented at the Systems and Applications level of the EA3 Framework. One of the purposes of EA is to improve the integration and efficiency…
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Why are national and international standards important to EA components?

Open standards at the national and international level promote EA component interoperability.

What are some of the EA components and documentation artifacts that would be included in current and future views at each level of the EA3 framework?

EA components are changeable goals, processes, standards, and resources that may extend enterprisewide or be contained within a specific line of business or segment. Examples of components include strategic goals and initiatives; business products and services; information flows, knowledge warehouses, and data objects; information systems, software applications, enterprise resource programs, and web sites; voice, data,…
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