FAQ Category: Repository

What is an EA repository and how does it support the EA implementation methodology?

The EA repository is intended to provide a single place for the storage and retrieval of EA artifacts that are created using EA software applications (tools). A repository works best if it is easy to access and use. \nFor this reason, an on-line, web-based EA repository is recommended. This type of web portal for EA…
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What considerations should be made in developing an EA Tool Evaluation Matrix?

The criteria for selecting an EA tool depends on the role it will play in the EA tool set. If it is an overall EA framework modeling tool, then a wide variety of capabilities are needed including the built-in support of various frameworks and modeling techniques, usability, scalability, development of management views, report generation, web…
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How often should an EA be updated? Why?

The information in the EA repository is valuable for planning and decision-making only as long as it is comprehensive and accurate. Therefore, it is important to regularly update the current and future views of EA components in all areas of the framework. Further, it is helpful to users of EA information if the updates are…
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Why is it necessary to show current and future views of EA documentation?

Because an enterprise’s strategic drivers, business requirements, and technology solutions change over time.

How does an EA repository support the EA implementation methodology?

Providing easy access to EA documentation is essential for use in planning and decision-making. This can be accomplished through the establishment of an on-line EA repository to archive the documentation of EA components in the various areas of the EA framework. The EA repository is essentially a website and database that stores information and provides…
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