FAQ Tag: Artifacts

Why are management views of EA artifacts important?

EA management views can help various types of users to both understand and share EA artifacts. For example, members of the EA team who are modeling data in several information systems can develop a management view to show how information from those systems is used between various LOBs, and in so doing gain the support…
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What are EA artifacts and how do they relate to EA components?

EA artifacts are types of documentation that describe components, including reports, diagrams, charts, spreadsheets, video files, and other types of recorded information. High-level EA artifacts are often text documents or diagrams that describe overall strategies, programs, and desired outcomes. Mid-level EA artifacts are documents, diagrams, charts, spreadsheets, and briefings that describe organizational processes, ongoing projects,…
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How do artifacts relate to EA components?

EA artifacts document EA components in a consistent way across the entire architecture.

How does EA help an enterprise to view technology resources?

Linking EA and Technology Planning \nTechnology is a type of resource that enables information and other resource flows to support the creation and delivery of business products and services, which in turn enables the achievement of strategic goals. \nIt is important that technology not drive business and strategy planning, especially in resource-constrained enterprises, where the…
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