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What is the role of an EA framework within the EA methodology?

The framework should identify the areas of the enterprise that the EA will cover, and how those areas relate. For example, the EA3 framework identifies five functional areas and three ‘thread’ areas to be documented, organizes different types of components, and then orients the components into lines of business. These relationships are important in conveying…
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What is the purpose of Phase I activities in the EA methodology?

Phase I activities are designed to get the EA program initially started, identify key players, and communicate the EA implementation plan to the executive sponsor and other stakeholders in order to gain buy-in and support. These pre-documentation activities are important to ensuring that the EA program has clear goals, remains focused, and is accepted throughout…
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Why are Phase III activities dependent on the completion of Phase II?

Phase III activities are where the actual development of the EA occurs in the form of documentation artifacts. Phase II enables this work. The work involves analyzing and documenting the current strategy, business, information, services, and infrastructure of the enterprise. It also involves the development of artifacts that reflect changes in resources in the short-term…
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Can the steps of the EA methodology be changed for different enterprises?

Yes. The EA 3 methodology is generalized so it can be used in a wide variety of public and private sector enterprises, and can support many types of EA frameworks, tools, and repositories. Depending on the type of enterprise, some parts of the EA methodology may need to be changed.

Who is responsible for execution of the EA program and EA methodology?

The executive sponsor must provide the Chief Architect with enough resources (e.g., budget, personnel, hardware/software, and facilities) and the authority to be able to properly establish the EA program. The Chief Architect should be accountable for EA program resources. The second step in the EA methodology is for the Chief Architect and EA team to…
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How often should an EA be updated? Why?

The information in the EA repository is valuable for planning and decision-making only as long as it is comprehensive and accurate. Therefore, it is important to regularly update the current and future views of EA components in all areas of the framework. Further, it is helpful to users of EA information if the updates are…
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Why does an EA documentation methodology begin with the selection of an EA framework?

Analysis and documentation, as organized through an EA framework, provides standardized, hierarchical views of the enterprise from an integrated strategy, business, and technology perspective

Why is EA described as both a management program and an analysis and design method?

Enterprise architecture is accomplished through a management program and an analysis and design method that is repeatable at various levels of scope. Together the EA program and method provide an ongoing capability and actionable, coordinated views of an enterprise’s strategic direction, business services, information flows, and resource utilization.

How does an EA repository support the EA implementation methodology?

Providing easy access to EA documentation is essential for use in planning and decision-making. This can be accomplished through the establishment of an on-line EA repository to archive the documentation of EA components in the various areas of the EA framework. The EA repository is essentially a website and database that stores information and provides…
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