Can EA be used by all types of enterprises? If so, why?

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Yes. Enterprise Architecture is a management and technology practice that is devoted to improving the performance of enterprises by enabling them to see themselves in terms of a holistic and integrated view of their strategic direction, business practices, information flows, and technology resources. By developing current and future versions of this integrated view, an enterprise can manage the transition from current to future operating states. The strategic use of resources is increasingly important to the success of public, private, and non-profit sector enterprises, including extended enterprises involving multiple internal and external participants (i.e., supply chains). How to get the most from business, technology, and human resources requires an enterprise to think in terms of enterprise-wide solutions, rather than individual systems and programs. Doing this requires a new approach to planning and systems development, an approach that has come to be known as Enterprise Architecture. The word ‘enterprise’ implies a high-level, strategic view of the entire entity, while the word ‘architecture’ implies a structured framework for the analysis, planning, and development of all resources in that entity.

Tag: General Questions