How can Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) activities be reflected in future views at the Business Level of the EA3 framework?

Category: Framework

There are four general types of changes to business services that occur: (1) the introduction of a completely new process, (2) elimination of an existing process, (3) major reengineering of an existing process, and (4) minor improvement of an existing process. Effective management at the Business Level requires that these changes be coordinated so that the performance of the enterprise does not decline. \nTherefore, reviews of existing business services should be performed periodically by line-of business managers to identify those which may be obsolete, duplicative, or not adding sufficient value to the achievement of strategic goals. Resulting decisions to eliminate or change existing processes, or add new processes, are what get documented in the future view of Business Level EA components and artifacts.