How does EA help an enterprise to view its business services?

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As is reflected in the design of the EA framework, strategy creates business requirements and technology supports solutions for meeting those requirements. EA documents three primary issues at the business level: Supporting Strategic Goals. Touch points between strategic initiatives and business activities need to be clearly documented. Not all business activities are strategic, and it is important to distinguish in the EA documentation between those that directly link to strategic initiatives and those that provide general support functions for the enterprise. Documentation of Business Activities. Documenting the creation and delivery of business products and services is important in supporting Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) projects, and in documenting business activities to show inputs, outputs, outcomes, and other elements of influence regarding each business process. It’s also important to identify how business processes are linked to one another. Identifying Supporting Technologies. Analyzing business requirements and activities can reveal critical supporting technologies (e.g. marketing activities require sales trend analysis data, and a manufacturing process requires various types of resources including raw materials, facilities, labor, computers, data, and/or robotics). EA helps to identify and document these supporting technologies.

Tags: EAM, General Questions