How often should an EA be updated? Why?

Categories: Enterprise Architecture Management, Methodology, Repository

The information in the EA repository is valuable for planning and decision-making only as long as it is comprehensive and accurate. Therefore, it is important to regularly update the current and future views of EA components in all areas of the framework. Further, it is helpful to users of EA information if the updates are made on a regular schedule, perhaps twice a year. Also, it is important to maintain version control in between updates, so that all of the users of the EA information know that they are conducting planning and decision-making activities based on the same information. Since what is planned in the future EA views will eventually become the current architecture (at least some of it), it should be recognized that EA updates are ongoing activities that do not cease. Future EA plans will continue as an organization grows and changes. Consider a time when the enterprise no longer needs changes in future capabilities and resources. Should this occur, the EA program transitions from focusing on the establishment of the EA to maintaining the EA and seeing that it continually brings value to the enterprise.

Tags: EAM, Methodology, Repository