What are EA artifacts and how do they relate to EA components?

Categories: Artifacts, Components

EA artifacts are types of documentation that describe components, including reports, diagrams, charts, spreadsheets, video files, and other types of recorded information. High-level EA artifacts are often text documents or diagrams that describe overall strategies, programs, and desired outcomes. Mid-level EA artifacts are documents, diagrams, charts, spreadsheets, and briefings that describe organizational processes, ongoing projects, supply chains, large systems, information flows, networks, and web sites. \nLow-level EA artifacts describe specific applications, data dictionaries, technical standards, interfaces, network components, and cable plants. When these EA artifacts are harmonized through the organizing taxonomy of the EA framework, new and more useful views of the functioning of EA components are generated. This is one of the greatest values of EA as a documentation process creation of the ability to see a hierarchy of views of the enterprise that can be examined from several perspectives.

Tags: Artifacts, Components