What are some of the academic fields that influence the field of EA?

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Developing an enterprise-wide architecture involves an evaluation and depiction of people, processes, and resources. Some of the areas of practice and theory that have influenced the EA practices include business administration, public administration, operations research, sociology, organizational theory, management theory, information science, and computer science. Understanding the mission, goals, and culture of an enterprise is as important to implementing an EA as the selection of analytic methods and documentation techniques. The EA \n3 approach is based on theories of how social organizations are structured and how systems and activities function within enterprises. \nDescribe the purpose of each level of the Parsons/Thompson Model of an organization. \nOne of the more mature models of general organizational structure is a three-level view that was originally envisioned by sociologist Talcott Parsons in the 1950’s and further developed by sociologist James Thompson in the 1960’s. Parsons’ research identified three general levels that are common to most social organizations (technical, managerial, and institutional), based on the observation that different types of activities occur at each level. Thompson built on Parsons’ ideas by further identifying the different types of activities that occur at each level

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