What are some of the areas of value that are generated by an EA program?

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On the value side, EA is unique in its ability to promote enterprise-wide thinking about resource utilization. EA replaces the systems-level approaches to IT resource development that have characterized the last several decades, and has left many enterprises with stovepipe and/or duplicative IT resources. EA promotes the development of more efficient enterprise-wide common operating environments for business and technology, within which more capable and flexible business services and systems can be hosted. This in turn makes an enterprise more agile and able to respond to internal and external drivers of change, which promotes greater levels of competitiveness in the marketplace. Areas that provide value include: Shortening Planning Cycles, More Effective Planning Meetings, Shorter Decision-Making Cycles, Improved Reference Information, Reduction of Duplicative Resources, Reduced Re-work, Improved Resource Integration and Performance, Fewer People in a Process, Improved Communication, Reduction in Cycle Time.

Tags: EAM, General Questions