What are some of the risks associated with implementing an EA program?

Categories: Enterprise Architecture Management, Security and Privacy

On the risk side, creating an EA for an entire enterprise can be time-consuming, costly, and disruptive to business services. Also, developing detailed EA documentation that covers strategy, business, and technology within each area of the enterprise can be time consuming and costly. Hiring and/or training architects and supporting analysts is one element of the cost. Another cost element is the time it takes line of business managers and support staff away from their normal work. Finally, the cost of EA documentation tools and on-line repositories has to be factored in as well. Further, there is the risk that the EA will not be used by stakeholders if they do not buy-in to the concept of EA or its perceived value. \nAreas of risk include: Financial, Lack of Acceptance, Loss of Key Personnel, Schedule Delays, and Documentation Tools.

Tags: EAM, Security