What is meant by architectural alignment in developing a Project Management Plan?

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For EA alignment, discuss and then document the project’s proposed technical approach with the enterprise’s EAWG for design and operational alignment at the various levels of the EA3 Cube Framework: strategy, business, information, applications, and technology infrastructure. Determine the costs associated with documenting the project throughout its lifecycle in the on-line EA repository, including views of EA components at all levels of the EA3 Cube Framework in both the current and future architectures, as well as the EA Management Plan. Include these costs in the total lifecycle cost of the project. For integration, determine if there are data or telecommunication interfaces to other EA components and describe how integration, interface, and information exchange issues will be handled. For standards, determine if approved data, telecommunications, and video technical standards at all levels of the EA3 Cube Framework are being followed. If there are new standards being introduced, explain the effect of adopting those new standards on other IT system(s), application(s), database(s), and/or website(s). Describe the approach to configuration management that will be taken in terms of using EACRs at all levels of the EA3 Cube Framework. Determine and describe the System Development Lifecycle Methodology (SDLC) method that will be used to organize IT system implementation efforts (e.g., waterfall, rapid application development, evolutionary, incremental/phased). For performance measures, determine the performance metrics that will be used to measure proper system design performance, to be evaluated as part of acceptance criteria, and during the operations and maintenance phase of the delivered EA component(s). Determine the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that will have to be written for the operations and maintenance phase of the lifecycle, and utilize draft SOPs as part of acceptance testing.

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