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As communities of practice generate knowledge, they renew themselves. They give you both the golden eggs and the goose that lays them.

Etienne Wenger

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A case clinic allows to access the wisdom and experience of peers and help a case giver generate new ways of responding to an important and immediate challenge.


New ideas emerge from various interactions, often from outside the organization. Shared learning and access to large pool of expertise encourage the spread of new ideas.


Community of practice helps capture and share existing knowledge to help people identify solutions to common problems and prevent members from continuosly reinventing the wheel.


Participation in community of practice is a great opportunity to get to know other EA practitioners and build relationships with peers.


Themed workshops

EA Fellows is keen on hosting quarterly workshops that are centred around building a community of practice for enterprise architects. We want to provide a space to share our experiences as practitioners, discuss the challenges and learn together.

The workshops will typically consist of the introduction to the theme of the day and a guest speaker. It is also possible to host a case clinic, where any participant can volunteer to present their case for the subsequent discussion. 


Upcoming workshops

We will be sharing the themes and the dates for the future workshops promptly. More to follow.

27th February 2023


19th May 2023


29th August 2023


20th October 2023


Become a member

Whether you’re new to the profession, a long-time EA architect, or somewhere in between, we are dedicated to helping members advance their knowledge and drive confidence in the profession to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

EA Fellows offers membership at a cost of DKK 10,000 for the full membership period—which starts 1 January each year. We can guarantee early access to the latest research, continued professional learning content, and great networking opportunity. 


Previous workshops

Here you can see the themes and topics of the workshops we have hosted in the past.

Cloud & EA
20th December 2022

Many companies are going through the transformation and are looking to explore the opportunities associated with the cloud. We explored what could be the role of enterprise architect in this and what challenges does it present?

Agile Architecture
24th November 2022

The agile architecture and what it means is often misrepresented and we spent this session to clarify this concept – is it the architecture that needs to be agile or agile practices need to be adopted by the architects? What is an agile enterprise?