About Us

EA Fellows is a consultancy, specialized in bridging the gaps between IT, business development and management. We offer training, advice and practical assistance to companies wishing to optimize their IT use. All our services are based on best practice methods and world class skills, combined with decades of practical experience.

EA Fellows was founded in 2005 as an independent think tank for recognized experts from research, private enterprises and public administration. Our goal is to promote systematic IT planning, based on an approach known as EA, Enterprise Architecture.

Our fellows are known as prominent advisors to private and public organizations when it comes to linking IT architecture with the business strategy. In EA Fellows we deploy our experience from world class IT organizations and transform the latest research into business results.

Founder and CXO John G√łtze is one of the pioneers of enterprise architecture in Europe. With a history as an advisor in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and a unique experience with EA and standardsation, John is a sought after speaker at international conferences. John also gives Enterprise Architecture lectures at the IT University of Copenhagen, and is co-author of several books.