Book of the Month – Cloud Strategy: a Decision-Based Approach to Successful Cloud Migration by Gregor Hohpe

Book of the Month – Cloud Strategy: a Decision-Based Approach to Successful Cloud Migration by Gregor Hohpe

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The way enterprises hop on their journey to cloud can vary, but one thing is clear – to successfully venture out the handbook is an absolute necessity. What’s so special about this book in particular is that the author, apart from being an expert in cloud architecture, is an avid storyteller, so the books is very engaging and meets the reader at the different level of understanding of the technology.

Throughout the book Gregor Hohpe documents how cloud migration will change the organization and how various departments function. For example, the author considers how EA department will be affected by the organization’s move to the cloud. The first thing that he notes is that the way the organization will see the new role of EA will be affected by the starting point of the cloud initiative. The author advice EA departments to focus their guidance on the why and what of the initiative, no matter the scenario and leave the implementation details (the how) to other teams. 

Following that he outlines the three primary tasks for EA department, which are crucial for the success of the cloud initiate. The first is to inform business leadership, which is essentially being able to help them separate hype and unsubstantiated promises from reality. The second is to link business, organization, and IT, which will help to navigate cloud decisions with a holistic architecture view. The third is to establish guidelines and enable adoption, which fosters knowledge sharing by translating individual experiences into common technical guidelines. 

All in all, this book is a rare find, it contains a rather comprehensive guide on cloud, which is explained from business perspective and isn’t filled with overwhelming number of technical specifications. It really stands out among all the books on the cloud that are on the market, so if you are interested in learning more about this subject, this is the book to turn to.

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