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End-of-year reflections

Yet another year has passed. It’s been a good year for enterprise architecture as a profession and a discipline. There are lots of jobs for professionals and lots of work for them to do in the enterprises, and the discipline is maturing and taking its stronghold as the preferred leadership approach to digital transformation. One…
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Cloudy Days Ahead? 

Some ten years ago, Jeanne Ross, the now-retired MIT researcher and co-author of several seminal EA-books, coined the acronym SMACIT to describe the key technologies of digital businesses: social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and Internet of Things. Adding AI to the mix, those technologies are still today key to digital business strategies and practices in most…
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Chris Mowles, Complexity: A Key Idea for Business and Society

Book of the Month – Complexity: A Key Idea for Business and Society by Chris Mowles

The Book of the Month is Professor Chris Mowles’ book Complexity: A Key Idea for Business and Society. Chris runs the Doctor of Management (DMan) programme at the University of Hertfordshire in England and was the supervisor of Mikkel Brahm when he did his DMan a while ago. Mikkel is a guest speaker on our…
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EA conference

Humans at the centre of it all

The past month has been a month of conferences. First, Ksenija and I went to the iconic IRMUK Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management Conference in London. It must be the 14th or so time I have been at that annual conference, which I have the honour of being a member of the Advisory Board…
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abby covert how to make sense of any mess

Book of the Month – October 2022

How to Make Sense of Any Mess by Abby Covert The world is messier now that it has ever been before. What’s even scarier to think of is that tomorrow the messes that exist today would be even more messy. The main idea of the book is very well described by its title – it…
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enterprise awkwardness

Enterprise Awkwardness 

Sometimes seemingly easy and simple things turn out to be anything but easy and simple. They become a huge mess, to borrow from the title of our book of the month. Let me give an example.  Over the summer, Ksenija and I decided that we need new laptops. So, on the 11th of August, I…
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Enterprise Architects Must Master Both Core and Explore

As enterprise architects, we are always facing a two-logics situation. On one hand, we want to and need to understand, and as best we can, manage, the core of our enterprise. As our friend John Zachman famously said: “Someday, you’re going to wish you had all those models, enterprise-wide, horizontally and vertically integrated, at an…
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Topledelsen vil have EA-viden

Som omtalt i Computerworld, oplever vi i denne tid en tydelig stigning i interessen for enterprise arkitektur, ikke blot hos IT-specialister, men også hos virksomhedernes topledelse. Det tyder på, at både store og små organisationer satser på at få bygget bro mellem forretning og IT, mellem teori og praksis, mellem principper og processer. Vi har hos…
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Man certificerer da arkitekter

Der er en voksende efterspørgsel efter EA-kompetencer, og det er derfor os en fornøjelse, at annoncere et nyt program for træning og certificering som enterprise arkitekt. EA Fellows er gået sammen med det amerikanske Carnegie Mellon University, et af superliga-universiteterne på it-området, og Telelogic, en af verdens førende EA-værktøjsleverandører, om at udbyde et EA-trænings- og certificeringsprogram i Europa. I juli,…
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KL tager ansvar

KL har udmeldt, at de nu vil definere standarder for de kommunale systemer, og opfordrer alle it-leverandører til at deltage i processen med at udvikle fælles datastandarder. For kommunerne skal det blive naturligt, at de ved udbud stiller krav om overholdelse af disse standarder. KMD skal i fremtiden have rollen som leverandør på linie med sine…
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